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QI Insta Stik 13.5kg Tank

General Information

InSta StikTM Roofing Adhesive for professionals has been developed for the attachment of insulation boards to a variety of substrates on flat roofs.

Insta Stik is offered as a portable, disposable pressurised container requiring no external power source. It is a cold applied system that is, quick, easy to use and provides fast adhesion within 20-45 minutes. 13167; within the CEN Keymark certification all mentioned characteristics are certified by an empowered, notified and accredited 3rd party.

Insta Stik roofing adhesive features and benefits:

Fast clean and easy to apply
Provides fast and good adhesion to a variety of surfaces
• Can be used with very short preparation time-no heating required
No primer needed
Safe in use-no fire risk
Clean in use-no fumes, no dust
• No damage to substrate or vapour barrier by mechanical fixings
No thermal bridging
No visible fasteners on the underside of the substrate
High yield: Insta Stik canister adheres up to 100m2
• Insta Stik might be used on vertical substrates (e.g. upstands)
Controlled application and visual quality control
Over 25 years of proven performance

Insta Stik roofing adhesive is compatible with the following insulation boards:

Glass tissue faced boards
Bituminous felt faced boards
Stonewool insulation
Extruded polystyrene boards
Cellular glass insulation boards
Cork Insulation boards
Wood fibre boards
Others by individual testing
Existing Bituminous felt
Sanded finish felt VCL’s
Elotene DSN 600 and other approved foil faced VCL’s
Approved acoustic membranes
Galvanised steel (minimum 22 gauge)

For use with approved waterproofing systems.

For full information regarding installation and specification please see Product Data Sheet.

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