Innovations in Warm Flat Roof Insulation

All PIR flat roof insulation boards are the same.  It’s a widely held view, and one which has never been true.  Take mechanically fastened Aluminium foil faced PIR insulation boards for example.  There are a variety of different types of Aluminium foil used including pure foil, foil craft foil laminates, perforated, non- perforated each of which has a product performance impact.  There are also differences in the PIR foam formulation and manufacturing methods that alter product performance.

Now QI supply partner Kingspan Insulation has introduced a new contender to the warm flat roof insulation board market: Kingspan QuadCore 426 Roofboard. Utilising a unique thermoset foam core developed by Kingspan, QuadCore 426 Roofboard delivers excellent thermal and fire performance, enhanced environmental credentials, and is backed by an extended warranty.

This innovative product brings a range of benefits including a 0.021 W/mK Lambda value. This improved thermal conductivity means that in many applications the insulation thickness can be reduced.  For example, on a mechanically fastened single ply roof over metal deck with a U-value requirement of 0.16 W/m2K the insulation thickness can be reduced by 10mm when compared to certain PIR insulation boards.  This thickness reduction offers potential savings in the cost of the tube fasteners and screws required to attach both the Kingspan Quadcore 426 Roofboard and single ply membrane above to the metal deck.

Kingspan Quadcore 426 Roofboard achieves this reduction in thickness as a result of Kingspan’s investment in the invention of a bespoke technology that creates a unique microcell structure within foam core. This high performance fibre-free FM Approved rigid thermoset insulation core also provides enhanced fire performance, achieving an EXT.FAA rating to the now withdrawn BS 476-3:2004 with some single ply membranes, and Broof (t4) to BS EN 13501-5 (check with your single ply manufacturer for actual fire performance results).

Kingspan Quadcore 426 Roofboard also provides enhanced environmental credentials, and is manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

For more information on this revolutionary insulation board including sizes, availability, fixing patterns and project specific thermal calculations contact QI using the information below.