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General Information

XENERGY™ MinK Water Flow Reducing Layer is a spun bonded polyethylene geotextile based upon Tyvek® by DuPont that is waterproof and vapour permeable.

XENERGY MinK Water Flow Reducing Layer replaces the usual separating layer laid between the insulation and ballast, prevented from reaching the waterproofing layer and almost completely eliminating the rainwater cooling effect.

When installed with XENERGY SL, XENERGY Ultra or FLOORMATE Inverted Roof Insulation in an inverted roof XENERGY MinK Water Flow Reducing Layer reduces the rainwater cooling, reducing the required insulation thickness by 2%.

For use with appropriate Waterproofing Systems.

For full information regarding installation and specification please see Product Data Sheet.

FLOORMATE™, PERIMATE™, STYROFOAM™, XENERGY™ are Trademarks of DDP Specialty Electronic Materials US, Inc. (“DDP”) or an affiliated company of DDP.

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